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Prextron EDEN the Easy Dental tray systemfor Perfect Impressions

- Innovative product & process workflow developed by Prextron for Modern Aging 2018

- custom tray without need for primary

- fully non-contact with external person utilizing AI on standard optical picturing

- no cross-contamination risk-- highest level of comfort and client confidence

- patented "dry-in" appliance

- accurate placement and material flow

- precision features capture

- enables self-taking


- Prextron provides

- - -training,  licensing, professional collaboration, process customisation

- - -materials management, promotions, exhibitions.

Initiated in 2018 to support the government's goal for seniors to age successfully.

Prextron identified dentures to be very high need for this group.

Denture-direct is a fast growing industry, enabled by automation, the internet and mobile communications efficiency

EDEN is the perfect system for seniors to get a quality denture with no hassle and trauma free.

Prextron is seeking Collaborators/ Investors, please send mail to: for details on this exciting & highly rewarding opportunity

mobile: +65-96207660 Peter

Current Courses

Eden custom tray design & impression taking

Full denture design and fabrication

Scanning models and articulation

Pontics precision trimming automation

Acrylic casting techniques

Loss wax casting - 3D design and 3D printing, classroom and practical

RPD / C&B design and fabrication with Exocad and 3D printing



Retainers & other Precision Jobs
Contact us for details on how the Prextron EDEN system can easily enable you to take impressions for precision models



Achieve very rapid prototyping with this system that allows infinite Arduino shield extensions

Benefit from a wide range of application shields that connect sideways, as many as you want. .


Chain VRP boards - a system of Connectable Hybrid Arduino Interfaceable units.

Use them with the applications provided, sensors, actuators, IOT enablers,.. in fact, the entire Arduino community collection, or... design your own.

This platform is completely open and self-documenting,, the smart and easy system for prototyping and education.  And yes, go ahead and hack it!

> Download the latest Arduino IDE to start creating your sketches.

> Download the CH340 driver for Windows to enable communications through the USB port

> Add application blocks or design your own using the CHAIN strip board design template

> We provide custom design and manufacturing, contact us with your requirements and we'll get it done for you.

Events & Exhibitions

2019 Prextron awarded runner-up grant for Modern Aging from NUSEnterprise and Access Health International.

From May 2018, Prexlab is at Temasek Polytechnic Innovation and Engrepreship Centre.  21 Tampines Ave 1.

Sep 2017 Prextron signs research collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic for development of digital dentistry lab processes.

23-24 Jul 2017 MakerFaire Singapore Science Centre Prexlab demonstrates the revolutionary high speed ion exchange heater coffee machine using a low cost arduino programmed servo switch.  An easy to assemble catapult controlled by Microbit displays countdown and does an accelerometer measurement when the weight is triggered.  The Prextron booth was awarded a Maker of Merit Blue Ribbon.

2016 Nov 11,12 Penang MakerFest, CHAIN blocks introduction in Malaysia

2016 Jul MakerFaire at SUTD campus, prexLab showcased the CHAIN rapid prototyping system for Arduino.

2106 Larger premises open - training for open systems design - introduced autodesk memento

2015 Prextron signs research collaboration capability development with SIMTech (A-Star) to research new materials for 3D printing of dental restorations.

2015 Oct-at OMG casting and 3D design  courses

2015  Sep 17 Ginkgo designers day


2015 OMG opening at National Design Centre-Prextron consigns equipment for loss wax casting



ITE Technology Conference-showcase of Prextron digital dentistry equipment & software



Dental Science Lab Services

Open Lab membership

Dental laboratory process, equipment and materials training

Dental CAD scan and design using Exocad, Precision 3D printers: Asiga, SolidScape, Kevvox, AutodeskEDEN

Chrome Cobalt castings for partial dentures, crown & bridge copings

Press cermics for full contour restorations

Flexi dentures

Vacuum formed guards and retainers

CHAIN is a rapid development, self-documenting system for Arduino applications. Ideal for for prototyping, confident demos and field trials. Watch this space for announcements on availability in Nov 2022
Programming, Electronics & Automation Courses
Comming up in Sep 16 are 12 modules that will teach kids how to program using the Arduino platform and introduce robotics construction and control.  



Prextron Pte Ltd 

Temasek Polytechnic Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre


+65 96207660

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