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The CHAIN Blocks system was created at prexLab, a project space of Prextron.

>  We love open source, CHAIN is a truely open system, users are free to adapt and innovate with it.

>  With the  Arduino  open source microcontroller 

system, it has a very large open knowledge base.

>  Breadboarding is replaced by the strip board aka Veroboard, a system very well established with many layout software.

>  Connections are standard 0.1 in/ 2.54 mm headers (unlike other blocks that use proprietary connection methods).


>  Finished prototype is a neat showpiece, we designed the case to be 3D printed with an FDM filament printer in PLA, the STL file is available for you to personalize using sketchup.

Arduino Nano pinout


Chain Block project design template

Some useful resources


Atmel data sheet


Arduino Starter book


Digital logic book

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